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1999: Ningxia XN Image Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded, and it began to R& D the first minilab.
2001: The first XN2030 minilab was put into market, and then was sold to Korea.
2003: LED minilab has been developed and sold abroad.
2005: Laser digital minilab was developed and then enlarged 7 kinds of machines with 1-100 inches.
2006: Shanghai Branch was founded.
2008: Entered the photovoltaic industry£¬began to R & D the first stringer.
2011: Stringer with CH2316B capacity was put into market.
2012: Stringer(Single line) with CH56 capacity was developed.

2012:NingXia XN Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded. Product was delivered in lots to the domestic 

famous photovoltaic assembly companies.

2013: High speed Stringer(duplex line) CH513 was developed.

2014: Company factory in WuXi,The company name is WuXi Squares Robotics Co.,Ltd.

2015:high speed Stringer(duplex line) CH518 and CH526  were developed.

2016: Busbar Welder DH120  was developed.

2017:Successfully developed MBB stringer CHn20.

2018:Successfully developed Cutting stringer CHn40.

        Successfully developed high effiency bussing machine DH150A/B.

2019:Successfully developed high effiency bussing machine DH150F.

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